April 24th, 2021


Yup, another bone dry, but very nice day. The pollen is murderous, though. It seems to get worse, every year.
Still very few squirrels and crows to be seen. I do hope that dead crow I saw on the pavement this morning wasn't one of my trio. Do crows take turns on the nest? They must need to get off and drink, as well as forage.
I was more impressed than I expected to be by SNOWPIERCER. There were some terrific effects and a very good cast. It didn't quite get to me, for some reason, but  was quite good nonetheless.
There's nothing to watch on TV tonight . Dag.
I went back to have a sniff around that closing-down junk shop, and saw a Follies Begere poster I quite fancied, framed,  (cheaply), for £10. I've really no spare money, though, and my walls are pretty full.
All the interesting shops seem to be going. Even Paperchase at CJ station is empty at present. It's always nice to have a browse there, overpriced as it is.
Can' they get more oxygen to India faster? Gods, it's horrific.
Managed to change the duvet cover, always an excruciating project for me. Whew! Litter box changing day, as well...
Still weary as hell. I think I got myself even more whacked out by my adventures in dream 'Istanbul' last night. Bloody frantic...