April 20th, 2021


Casting a Clout...

It's already a bit warm for me, not to mention the dreaded coughing/sneezing/itching pollen season being well under way. I went out in just a T shirt and gillet. Popped into LIDL, and bought a TENs machine, (fool that I am-). Then  I had a gawk in the closing-down Accessorize, where they were selling stuff at 70% discount.There were some nice smocky things,just my billowy, boho style, but even so, they were £20-30, and I Do Not Need Clothes!
LINE OF DUTY is so well done that I was getting proper worked up with the tension, even though I don't know what's going on half the time.
Watched the 1940 GASLIGHT, with Anton Walbrook, which I'd not seen before. He fascinates me. Without the sleazy moustache, he sometimes looks rather attractive (see STUDENT OF PRAGUE and the fab QUEEN OF SPADES) He gives very entertaining nutter. ('The rrROObies!')
Tonight LUCY THE HUMAN CHIMP brought me close to tears. It was quite a melancholy tale, and almost beyond belief. (This woman lived for SIX YEARS all alone on 'Baboon Island' rehabilitating Lucy and some other chimps!) In fact, she's still there today, in Gambia, helping others return to the wild. Jeez!
I was also getting emotional over HOARDER HOUSES. Oh, how I wish I had help to clear out all my detritus. I wouldn't say I was a real hoarder, although my mother was one, and it's said to be hereditary.