April 16th, 2021


Friday In The Park With Wally...

Another quite pleasant day for exercising in the park, without many people around , except for one dunce who kept yelling stuff like 'Come on, you can do it!' at me...probably just trying to be jovial, but deeply annoying. His big drooly mastiff was annoying too.
The weather yesterday was kind of uncanny around here. It was fine in the morning, then this huge black cloud appeared,seeming to run down Wandsworth Road to Lavender Hill, so that I thought there was going to be a sudden sharp storm. Nothing happened, though. It just sat there all afternoon, surrounded by clear blue skies all around, looking spooky.
Finished watching TOO CLOSE, which came to a rather too pat ending, I thought, but remained above average, and the two leads were terrific.
Actually rather looking forward to the Phil the Greek Funeral Special. Gotta hand it to the old boy, designing his own hearse in the form of a Land Rover. Brill.
It looks like the boring tablet-using class is going to continue for a while, which I guess is good, as we get to hold on to our borrowed iPads for a bit longer.