April 11th, 2021


Sunday Torpor...

Watched the rest of the spooky HAUSEN. It wasn't briliant, but pretty good, and I found the poisonous building itself genuinely frightening.
THE VOID was a Lovecraftian sort of thing, with people being killed off in a small rural hospital, and mutating into evil creatures, as some sort of cult of white robed people menaced from outside the building. There were no subtitles, so I couldn't follow it too well, and my attention wandered, but it seemed OKish. Also watched an old noir thriller on Talking Pictures. THE HOUSE ON TELEGRAPH HILL, which looked nice in B&W, but was a bit dull and drawn out, especially as there was no doubt from the start, who the baddie was.
Well, tomorrow is the government's 'Happy Monday', which I don't entirely trust. I'll certainly wait at least a few days before attempting to go browsing in non-essential shops. I can imagine jostling hordes queueing at Clapham Junction  crazed with lust to enter TK Maxx. What I am REALLY looking forward to is a haircut, but again, I'll wait for a little bit longer, until the frenzy cools. I have such peculiar hair,almost Christopher Walken-ish. As a kid, I was white-blonde, with a slight wave, which was nice, although the hair was always thin. As I got older, it turned mouse, of course, and straight, with a tendency to stick out in all directions, and so sparse my scalp has always been visible. I used to disguise the oddness with curly perms, and then settled into the ugly but cheap and so comfortable buzz-cut.( 'Giving up' as R Next Door would say.) Whaddyagonnado?
Feeling pretty sad about the Northern Ireland situation. Brexit sure is proving a 'gift that keeps on giving.' Heaven help us.
R4 Is serialising THE MAGIC MOUNTAIN from this afternoon. Must listen to that. I really loved the book, back in the day.