April 5th, 2021

i am bored

Holiday Monday...

Slept in until nearly bloody nine this morning: would have been later, if I hadn't had a phone call from one of the Covid Study people that she was coming 'in about ten minutes' to give me the latest test and quiz. Mother Mary! Well, that's done, anyway.
ROMEO AND JULIET is not one of my favourite Shakespeares, but I rather liked the lockdown NFT production on Sky Arts. Cleverly staged,with Jessie Buckley an unusually appealing Juliet, and Tamsin Grieg as Lady Capulet speaking the lines usually assigned to Lord C. Very good thesping all around, although it's hard not to look at Josh O'connor at the moment, without seeing THE CROWN'S Prince Charles.
It wasn't as cold as predicted, and pretty sunny. I stayed in, nearly all day, just reading, etc. Watched a lengthy film I almost definitely saw years ago, FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE. I knew it was boring, but I just sat there like a melon and watched it! Tragic... Christoper Plummer (Crazy Commodus-) was evidently a really heavy drinker for many years, yet he lived to his 90's, and stayed handsome all the way. Must have had amazing genes.