March 31st, 2021


Humidity Arrives...

Too warm, and rather sultry today, but it was overcast, at least. Cooler weather is promised for the weekend. The park downstairs looks like the aftermath of Woodstock, and the holiday weekend hasn't even started. What makes people so disgusting, anyway? There's little excuse, as there are plenty of bins down there. Yuck.
OMG, HAUSEN is really creeping me out. That building is NASTY.
I read that AMERICAN GODS has been cancelled  on a cliffhanger, with Shadow Moon hanging on Yggdrasil, Wednesday dead, at present, and all manner of unresolved stuff. It never really got as good as it could have been, but it's rather a shame after three seasons, to let it just fizzle before the denoument.
The hideous new block in front of the tower is nearly finished, now. The new tenants will be able to see right into my bedroom. (I don't have curtains, just venetian blinds which are usual halfway up.) I'll have to get some 'stained glass' to put on the bottom, or something. Shite.