March 28th, 2021


March Winds and Moping...

Jeez, it's mild out, but pretty windy, which makes it feel so dank and cold indoors.  I've noticed the floor in the wet room is creaky, which I've not been aware of before. Does that mean it's gonna collapse?
I'm feeling more 'mentally ill' than I ever have in my life, which is really saying something. Wonder if I have PTSD from the lockdown? I've had it so much easier than many people, though. Roof over my head, no kids, enough money to (just about-) get by, and being an introvert, anyway. I should be ashamed of feeling so awful. I am.
Still nothing very interesting on TV, apart from the delightful GRAYSON'S ART CLUB, which really does my gnarly soul good. Thank goodness for streaming. I finished watching series 2 of AMERICAN GODS; not all that, but the spectacle bits are still worth seeing.
Then there was a STORYVILLE documentary about the Notre Dame fire, with hair-raising footage I'd not seen before. Firefighters certainly are incredible characters, nobody who wasn't a total hero/lunatic would go anywhere near a scene like that.
Netflix hit THE DIG, about the discovery of the Sutton Hoo burial, was indeed well worth watching. Strangely, I was also quite taken by THE BROTHERHOOD, a gentle study of mostly very old monks in a rapidly shrinking monastery community.