March 24th, 2021


Bit Brighter...

Feeling slightly healthier today. I think the anxiety and grimness of stuff like losing front teeth just hits my snowflake spirit so hard that I feel physically  more rubbish than usual.
Loads of people in the media talking about how lockdown has changed them... I heard a snippet the other day, where Shiela Hancock was saying she doesn't really want to return to a normal 'civilised' sort of lifestyle. She feels very content in stinking old sweats, a nasty bobble hat, and no makeup, not having to be polite to randoms all day. I feel exactly like that. I have for years, actually, but lockdown has strengthened it. Odd, really, I don't mind sloping about looking like a derelict, but the thought of dentures,  my crepey neck, dangling jowls, etc. completely undoes me. What a peculiar heap of contradictions I am! AND my lockdown hair seems to be morphing from Ken Dodd into Mark Kermode, which looks even worse. Three more weeks...
Had a decent workout. It was cloudy and coolish for a while, and not too many rough dogs and kids about. Most of the time this week, I've  only had two crows coming down to eat. Wonder if the other's on the nest?
Nothing interesting on TV again, except for THE TERROR, which is possibly even better on a second watch. There are so many interesting little character details, etc.
Also watched LOVE & MERCY, although I've never particularly liked the Beach Boys. It was pretty interesting. I like Paul Dano. He's one of those actors who always has an intriguing strangeness to his performances.