March 23rd, 2021


Kinda Poorly...

Jeez, I'm rough, today. Feeling cold,again, even though it's bloody warm, vexed by 'acid reflux', etc. etc. and my joints are hurtin' bad.
The dentist says the loose tooth can't be saved, although she's patched it up again, and I will soon need a (NOOOO!) denture. If she tries a bridge, it won't last more than maybe 5 years,tops. (well, if I'm still alive then, I'll be nearly 80, and may not care any more...) It will cost £1350, though. Heaven have mercy. I'm quite demoralised by the prospect, either way. Whinge!
I haven't always watched HOLBY CITY. I started paying a bit of attention to it, back when Paul McGann was the resident serial killer, and have just carried on ever since. It's not one of my major obsessions, but it certainly is one of the most insane soaps going. Crazed Cameron has been taken away, at last, after killing a number of patients and staff. Louis, who was disembowelled by someone from his past, was found in the nick of time, and saved, but now everyone on the surgical team knows he's trans. Poor Dom is having problems accepting his stoma. (Well, you would, wouldn't you?) There's one recovering drug  addict on the job, the boss is a recovering alcoholic, we have a chronic depressive, who has very bad luck with women, and Hanssen, it seems, was a victim of sexual abuse by his mentor, in his youth, and, I think is going to start flipping out. It's a gem, really.
I think I'll turn in early and read a bit. Hope I feel better tomorrow.