March 21st, 2021


Insane In The Brain...

The increased weirdness every single day isn't letting up. Even the people on 'my side' seem toi be going deranged. Many cities , including London, had large anti-lockdown demos yesterday. Thousands of closely packed, mostly maskless eejits were on the march, and, in some cases, abusing cops; throwing bottles at them, etc, so that you had to almost pity the pigs, who, on this occasion, seemed to be behaving fairly sensibly.  I just cannot understand this blather about C-19 not really existing, which still seems to be deluding a substantial minority of people, and not all semi-literate knuckledragger types. Equally, this weird reluctance to be vaccinated...I just dunno... The thought of mask wearing for years is really a grim one for me, but I can, alas, see it happening
My sister and her husband in upstate NY finally got their first jabs, so that's a relief, anyway.
I often dream of hotels, and in RL, I have a fascination with them. Yesterday I binge watched this Netflx series about a very strange case in LA. This Canadian Chinese student was doing a tour of the West Coast on her break. She was staying in the rather infamous Cecil Hotel, an art deco masterpiece, with a strikingly beautiful lobby. It had gone downhill rapidly in the Depression, and was located in the frightening Skid Row area, though. It had a reputation for weird and scary happenings. Anyway, one night this girl appeared on the CCTV, around and inside the lift, gesturing and acting really strangely , before totally vanishing. Her body was found over two weeks later, in a water tank on the roof, and the whole thing became an internet sensation. I won't spoiler what was eventually decided had happened. It was well creepy and tragic, though.