March 20th, 2021

i am bored


Another weird, worrying week. I really 'should' be feeling more optimistic about things in general, but I don't think the 'end' of the lockdown is going to be anything like the end of the struggle against this pandemic, and other new and scary diseases. I also feel that people are getting much too slack about protecting themselves and others. Heaven knows, I don't want nasty new laws that limit demonstations and such to come into use, BUT I think people should keep avoiding marches, etc for a while. Even if everyone is masked, there's no way to have social distancing at these events.
Time continues to shoot by, yet drag drearily all at once.
I'm finding it harder and harder to exercise, and it doesn't seem to be giving me even the temporary boost that it used to.
I'm tired of my recurring dreams. If I'm going to have boring semi-nightmares all the time, I should at least be able to get some message from them.
Nothing very interesting on TV, even...
Poor Bronson went to the 'Rainbow Bridge' on EASTENDERS. It seems that the animals of the Square exist only to die 'orrible, (Roly, cat Mandu-)  or star in tearjerking putting-down scenes (Little Willy, Wellard, Bronson-) And what's become of the wee cat that Dot adopted, not long before she Left the Square for good? I wouldn't entrust an animal to any of the young folk currently living there .
I have also watched bloodcurdling tabloidy documentaries about the James Bulger murder, and  the ever-popular Rose West...
GRAYSON'S ART CLUB, however, continues to be an uplifting delight.
The Zoom classes in tablet use are nearly over, thank gods.They've been terribly dull, and then I get fretful because I can't seem to retain the information, despite dutifully doing the 'homework' etc.