March 14th, 2021


Yet More Dental Distress...

Quite an interesting new documentary on Billie Holliday on BBC2 last night. (Now on BBC iPlayer)
Lots of squirrel and crow actvity this morning. Some of the squizzes seem to have bare patches on the back of their necks. From love bites? They're all chasing each other up and down the trees, obviously up to no good...My crow trio seem to be slowly getting closer to me, as they  stand in a line sternly awaiting the monkey nuts.
A squirrel carefully buried a nut, while a crow stood patiently behind it. When it scampered off, the crow strolled in, dug up the nut, and flew off with it. Gotta love the little devils.
I've lost another feckin' tooth today. It had been loose for ages, and the dentist put a filling in 'to hold it a while longer' a few weeks ago, when  I got my crown.
Heaven help me. Not Fair.
I watched that Lynda Barry ZOOM workshop, th eother day, and did nothing of interest, but it was  fun, and she's a riot


This was the exercise where you become a piece of fruit.