March 11th, 2021

Thursday Already...

Luckily, it didn't rain until I was nearly finished exercising, and the wind wasn't as harsh as yesterday. There was a really attractive man down there, with a nice spaniel cross,and he was rather friendly (as was the dawg.) He was also only about 40... *Sigh*.
There's a lot of fuss going on about this poor young woman, who, it seems, was kidnapped and killed by a policeman(!) I feel for her, her family and friends, but sadly, quite a few people get murdered. Why do some get so much more attention? In this case, of course, there is the scary probability that the killer was a cop, and the woman was young, cute, and white. Radio 4 has been full of discussions about how so many women are afraid to go out alone, and that men need to be trained to be unthreatening and 'protective', which I'm quite ambivalent about. I think women should also be more confident, and able to defend themselves, to claim their space. That said, in recent years, I've been afraid to go out alone in the dark,  because in my feeble, mobility-impaired old age, I'm in no state to fly or fight.
Ran into R Next Door in the park, and as usual, she was 'in a hurry', and had nothing to say, except to hassle me for a favour she wants me to do. It was lovely to see the dawgs, though, first time in weeks.
Another month until I can get a haircut. I've been stupidly hacking away at it incessantly, especially at the back, 'cos I go tonto when it starts to grow down my neck. The Ken Dodd look is now  completely out of control, which adds to my horror at the sight of myself. Wah!
Oh well, sleepytime. Maybe I'll have some entertaining dreams...