March 10th, 2021


Wet Monday...

It took a long time to force myself to go downstairs to work out. Too long. As soon as I was outdoors, it started raining and blowing up a storm. Bah.
Did some stuff indoors, but it never feels like enough, and is much more tiring/tedious.
Watched A CURE FOR WELLNESS, which is very good-looking, but much too long, and lacking in scariness.
Has anyone watched SAPPHIRE AND STEEL?  It passed me by, somehow, in the olden days, but I've seen that it's a fairly popular culty thing. It's streaming on the London Channel at the moment,so I've been watching, but it's shite, IMO. I had a crush on David McCallum , in school, and he was quite a cute lil' feller, actually. He and Johanna Lumley are dealing with woowoo manifestations in a derelict house. It's all incredibly low-budget and silly-looking, and although it seems to be pretty much a kids' show, I'm not sure what's going on.
Still incredibly sleepy all the time, and coughing a lot. (According to yesterday's test, it's not Covid, though, thank heaven-)
I'm getting sicker of Meghan & Harry all the time, and I never was keen. Jeez Louise!