March 6th, 2021

Twitch Bugs

Crazy, Man, Crazy...

OMG, I am really in a peculiar state. I keep thinking I'm dying, for starters, and am a complete mental and physical ruin, at the moment. Whyt am I so mental, gods? I know I have a lot of crackin' up company, as lockdown 3 limps on, and  with more and more eejits already completely ignoring all the 'rules'. I have no doubt there will be more restrictions to come, eventually.
Watched DEUTSCHLAND 89 last night. It's been ages since the last series. It's OK, but it doesn't grab me like BABYLON BERLIN, with all its dreamlike spectacle.
Despite my lack of concern about Meghan and Harry, I'll probably be watching their meeting with Oprah (Monday, here in the UK-) Sure to be a few laughs in it.
Got the damn census form, but couldn't be arse to fill it in today. I hate doing stuff like that online,too. I'd rather do it the old fashioned way. Fap!