March 4th, 2021


Sick And Tired...

Ugh, feeling sick again.  I feel a tedious rant coming on about the indignities of ageing. I'm in so much discomfort in so many areas of my wretched body that I can't concentrate on anything. (Not that I can concentrate on anything, anyway, due to my psychological problems...) I won't go into much detail, as it's too boring, even for me, but it's got so I cannot do bloody anything without discomfort or out and out pain. I was so pleased to have my front crown, even though it doesn't come anywhere near the right shade...Unfortunately, it hurts all the time, too. I can't bite, or chew on the right side, and just running my tongue over it  twinges. I thought it might be 'settling', but I'm afraid  I'm going to have to phone the dentist, if it doesn't stop  by Friday, say. Dang!
Watched another Amazon Prime documentary; this one an interview with Colin Wilson, which was pretty interesting. Then I watched a lecture about 'Heremetic Jung', which was deadly boring, alas, like being back at school.
I've been indoors all morning waiting to have my latest swab for the C-19 survey. Just after she left, it started to feckin' rain, so no fresh air workout today...