November 7th, 2020


Lockdown 2...

So far, it feels very different. That  rather lovely quiet has gone. Actually, in these parts, the traffic is almost as heavy as usual. Quite a few 'non-essential' shops seem to be open, and I've seen more and more people maskless on the bus, and in the supermarket. 'My' coffee shops are shut, of course, which is fair enough.  Many people are out and about on the streets, possibly because of schools still being open. Thankfully, it will be OK to use the outdoor gym. . Banning their use was, to me, one of the worst privations last time, and certainly frelled my mental and physical well-being.
I'm upset to read about the mink cull in Denmark. Of course, their lives are short and unpleasant before they're butchered for their fur, anyway. It also spooks me to think that it might be spreading to more and more spieces.
The hospital trek yesterday wasn't too bad. When I had my op, they found a few enlarged lymph nodes, probably harmless, but they need to be regularly monitored, so I have have a CT every 3-6 months and check in with the consultant.  He gave me a new prescription for my  heartburn meds, to save me having to hassle with getting one from the GP.  Cool, I thought, but then I realised that only two at a time were allowed in the pharmacy, and everyone had to queue outside in the dank chill. Ungh. I also had to wait ages for the usual blood tests. No fun, and it's disturbing to see people who are ten times more fucked up than I am, having to go through all this. I don't know how the NHS staff manages at all. They really are heroes.