October 25th, 2020


A Cat-Cuddling Day...

Quite blustery, now, and may rain a lot tomorrow....I watched the new film of REBECCA on Netflix, and, while it looked lush enough, it was pretty bland; certainly the least interesting Ben Wheatley film I've seen. Kirstin Scott Thomas was OK as Mrs Danvers, but lacked the demonic quality of Hitchcock's Judith Anderson. The Maxim de Winter   (  Armie Hammer)    was a very dull dog indeed.
There was a good documentary about Maggi Hambling, who definitely could have turned me; probably my top Girl Crush. There was another interesting one on another, Suzi Quatro, last night.
Also watched a new Scandi noir on BBC4, DNA. It's pretty interesting so far. Christ, I must watch about ten hours of TV a day, sometimes. Shameful. Of course, there are days when I hardly watch any. ..