September 28th, 2020

dot cotton

Blood And Latte...

After I got the latest blood tests at St Thomas', I stopped at Sainsbury's on the way home, to get some extra Nectar points while the ticket was valid. Everthing seemed pretty normal, there, no queues or bare shelves yet
US is pretty sappy, but I'm enjoying Mr Hollander's performance and all the location shots of lovely cities I've been to, but will probably never visit again *Sigh* Well, I was lucky  I got there and saw a little bit of their beauty before all this plague stuff hit us, not to mention the coming Brexit hell.
I'm feeling pretty crazed with anxiety and despair. I indulged in a Starbucks  'skinny' Pumpkin Spice Latte. I take it without the whipped cream, too, so it's much nicer. Starbucks always makes such sickly drinks. Pumpkin Spice, though, Mmm...
I may be able to get the loan of a tablet through a teaching project on the estate...I don't know how to use it, of course, but it might help in the short term. This PC is very nearly kaput. I've been faffing around trying to improve the fuction, but. of course, don't know what I'm doing.
It looks as though the ginger boi has been turned in to the local vets, so that's good, I guess, I was worried about him hanging around the garage. I would so love to take him in, but it's an absurd notion.