September 26th, 2020

destroy planets

Another Crap Day...

I dragged the trolley downstairs (really BAD joint pain, too-)  only to find the other lift was also out of order. Clunked up again, avoiding the condoms and discarded facemasks, and just gave up on the day. No paper, no workout, big bad mood.
The PC is definitely about to give up the ghost, so if I vanish, don't reply, etc, that's it , offline for the present. FUCK!
Watched a strange, rather sad Netflix film, THE DEVIL EVERY DAY, about batshit crazy rustics killing each other all over the place. It was quite good. Robert Pattinson has certainly come on since his glittery vampire boy days.
Looks like a bad scene in Trafalgar square today, People are just going mad. I can understand frustration with the government, and the seesawing advice it gives, the constant failures of testing, apps, etc. but how can you seriously believe there is no virus?