September 25th, 2020



Damned annoying day. Had to schlep to the surgery to get my leg dressed, and was given antibiotics at last!  Just hope they work, now.
My knees and back are ultra-stiff, and painful, sudden chnge in the weather,I guess, but oucha!
The lift broke down again, and I had to use the stairs, despite a sign saying not to, because of the yellow 'nosing' they'd  installed, which was supposed to be untouched for 24 hours. I had to bloody get out, though.
THEN, my front tooth,fixed less than two weeks ago, broke off again. Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Catoonland chum has had the op, and seems to be holding her own, so praise gods for that.
I'm expecting another full lockdown pretty soon. The infection figures keep rising, alas.
I was going to drop into Sainsbury's to get a few extra bags of monkey nuts for the critters, but there was a bigger queue than I've seen in a while outside, and there are mumblings about a return to panic buying. Bah.
Oh yes, the PC is acting up again, the last couple of days. Mercy!