September 24th, 2020


Autumn On The Verge...

Been feeling all weary and gloomydoomy, like most people, this week. Have to get ANOTHER blood test, as they might need to up my B12, give me iron pills, and lower my levrothyroxine. Meh.
I've been keeping up with exercising at least, and the weather is starting to make it more pleasant. Lovely this morning; cool, bright and breezy.
Continuing to watch all manner of stuff on the box:
I was going to avoid OLIVE KITTERIDGE until I'd read the book, but gave in. it's fantastic. Frances Mc Dormand is superb, as usual. Now I have to read both books before they film OLIVE AGAIN
LOVECRAFT COUNTRY is beginning to just annoy me, although it still has good bits. There's very little 'Lovecraft' about it.
THE THIRD DAY is quite intriguing. Very good cast, and I'm interested to see how it ends up.
Series 2 of HARLOTS  ended fairly frantically; nice to see ...... banged up in Bedlam.
I've been watching stoopid 'documentaries' about Royals and killers, again. Always good prurient entertainment. Evidently Myra Hindley and Rose West became besties in prison, and had a short affair, but fell out pretty quickly.
Alas, the Elephant & Castle  shopping centre is completely closed, now. It was a pretty hideous grubby place, but  quite handy for cheap stuff. It's going to be replaced by still more 'affordable' (Haw!) flats, and will be badly missed by residents in the area.

Latest news on Terribly Ill Cartoonland Chum is encouraging, at least. Hoping for best possible outcome, her poor family must be really going through the wringer. May all be well.