September 16th, 2020


Hot And Languid...

Watched the first episode of THE THIRD DAY, with Jude Law as a stressed-out grieving guy who finds himself  stuck in WICKER MAN territory. Decent so far; very atmospheric.
I don't know what the temperature was, but I felt hotter than yesterday (30-) , and busing to Brixton all masked up was not much fun. My damn leg's going all yucky and painful again, too, after a few weeks' respite.  *&~%!!! 
This CT scan seemed worse than the last one. I don't remember the canula bit. I felt all muzzy and headachy afterwards. Oh well, fingers crossed that everything's OK. I drooped home, flopped out on the bed and read BRING UP THE BODIES for a bit, then passed out for about an hour... I was dreaming about weird, yet rather amiable cartoonish creatures again.