September 9th, 2020


Chronic Fatigue Funk...

Feeling extremely weird, today. I could barely drag myself to the dentist. I felt so heavy and brainfoggy in the humidity. It was a painless session, though, ending in my broken front tooth looking fairly normal, for the present.  I was expecting to have a crown. I guess that's on the cards next time it cracks. Anyway, I was still so zonked that I thought I'd have a snooze and a bit of lunch before going to the park. I ended up slumped in the chair all afternoon, watching LOVECRAFT COUNTRY and THE CRUEL SEA. LOVECRAFT COUNTRY is not as good as I was anticipating, from the first episode. It's extremely complicated, so that I keep forgetting who some of the characters are. (Keep getting Hippolyta mixed up with the heroine's lounge-singing sister...), and there's not enough   proper 'orror. Still, it's reasonably entertaining.
I've been exhausted for some decades, now, and never had a diagnosis, of fibromyalgia, or anything. I suppose it could be 'just' a manifestation of my lifelong bigtime depression, but it sure is a burden. Bah.
I managed to do half an hour or so on the bike, anyway. I'm glad I scraped up the money for it.
Nearly every day, I seem to get nearly knocked off the pavement by some damn fool on  a newfangled electric scooter. You can't hear them coming, they don't beep, and usually speed past a few inces away. Hell! The youth of today...