September 8th, 2020

dot cotton

Sweaty And Surly...

Ohh, almost time for the return of EASTENDERS. There haven't been any new episodes for months, due to Covid.
It seems that  a boring character is soon to be murdered...
I saw that INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE  was on BBC IPlayer, so thought I'd have a look. I saw it in the cinema when it first came out, but not since. It hollds up quite well. It's very lush to look at, and young Kirsten Dunst gives a pretty amazing performance as the tragic child vampire. Oddly, Lestat  is also one of Tom Cruises' more convincing roles To me, he usually just seems like a human Ken doll, but every now and then, he surprises ya.
It's hot and humid again, and I just want to sleep. Bah.
R Next Door says that she can't help me when I get my cataract done, after all, as she doesn't dare enter my flat....'because of the way you live.'  That is, I go to shops and cafes a few times a week, and get the bus sometimes, when I should be living in complete indoor seclusion, as an 'old age woman', Thus, I must be hopping with Corona cooties, and she's afraid to get too close. *Sigh*  According to my reading, though, you just need to take it easy for a few days, and a little bending isn't forbidden,