September 6th, 2020


Pedalpedal Puffpuff....

Just took a turn on my  fab new exercise bike. I really like it. The bloke asked for a tenner for putting it together; seems fair enough...roughly a pound a minute, but  it saved pain for my poor old thumbs, and I'm totally unconfident about anything practical, so money well spent.
Had a nice park constitutional, too; a really pleasant morning, cool, bright, NOT HUMID. Yeh!
Watched a highly entertaining Netflix film, THE DISASTER ARTIST. I've never see THE ROOM, known as 'the CITIZEN KANE' of bad movies', but this James Franco flick was the mad story of its autreur, Tommy Wiseau, and was hilarious, yet rather poignant. I do love me a good tale of heroic failure.
Followed it with a charming short  JOHN WAS LOOKING FOR ALIENS, about a bloke who  spent  years and gods know how much money, trying to contact other worlds. Finances finally forced him to give up, but he'd found  his True Love by then, another gently  shambolic beardy weirdy,and they're living happily ever after.

The dawgs are tan, not pink, BTW