July 31st, 2020


Towering Inferno...

I have five fans chugging away up here, and it still feels HOT. I exercised quite early, but I was steaming  outdoors, as well, even in the shade, and could barely manage.  i think it's about 35. Thunderstorms are supposed to come this afternoon, and clear it all away. I bloody hope so. Dis ain't no fun.

I've started following the new PERRY MASON, which is diverting enough, nothing special. Production values are high, though. Once again, we get some great- looking period environments. Quite a few gruesome corpses about, too. The handsomely woebegone-looking   Matthew Rhys  is good as young, shellshocked Perry, and John Lithgow  is also convincing as his testy boss
This is the only room I could use, after noon, so I watched a 2010 adaptation of  THE COLOUR OUT OF SPACE, updated, set in Germany, and not at all bad.
It's after five, now, and despite a  blowtorch wind , there's still little sign of the promised rain.