July 26th, 2020

dot cotton

Old Lady Whingeing...

Been a bit of a vexatious week. I lost my bloody debit card, and didn't know it until I was at the checkout at LIDL, with several  people  waiting behind me. I had to take everything out of the trolley and it was unpleasant, not to mention the waste of a shopping trip, exposing myself to Covid cooties, etc. So embarrassing... THEN, taking the bus home, because the incident had exhausted  me, I found myself being treated like a complete cowpat, when I'd done nuffink - but be old. I'm not even going to tell the tale, because it was just SO trivial and boring, but it was a sign of these nasty times, and being already frazzled, I was just cut to the quick. When I got indoors I .plopped into a chair, literally incapable of movement, and sat staring into the abyss for ages.

Watched the rest of the latest  PENNY DREADFUL  saga CITY OF ANGELS, which was very good. It looked amazing, with a BABYLON BERLIN influence, I think, in the great atmosphere; spectacular dancehall scenes, etc.  Fine cast, too. Natalie Dormer, Rory Kinnear, and aToday, I l.n impressive Nathan Lane. I haven't seen him that often, and thought he was  just a musical comedy sort of guy, but  he's super  in this. My only complaint is there's not enough spooky stuff in this, it's mostly murder mystery, but a very good one.
On the other hand, I was rather looking forward to THE LAST WAVE on BBC4, the new subtitled thriller, but so far, it's absolute dross. I'd rather watch MONTALBANO, and that's saying something.
Today I listened to an adaptation of Camus' LA PESTE  on the radio. Pretty harrowing, and so damn prescient.
Also watched the start of A SUITABLE BOY. I wasn't expecting to be interested, really, but I'm liking it a lot at this point.