July 20th, 2020


Square Eyed Observations...

Starting the second series of SUCCESSION. Like BREAKING BAD, it didn't grip me all that much until 3-4 episodes in, and then I got obsessed. The cast is excellent, especially Brian Cox as the tyrannical tycoon. He seems to be having a great time, as one would with a gift of a part like that. All the family members are fucked up and interesting. There's a whole lotta sibling envy and resentment going on, and the script is full of chuckleworthy invective and swears on a Shakespearean level. Love it.
The terrific NT at Home broadcasts have sadly ended, finishing with a spectacle-laden AMADEUS. Lucian Msamati was superb as Salieri, and Adam Gillen was certainly an energetic Mozart. The Donald Duckish voice he used  for the bratty genius was a bit too much for me, though. It's a long play, and listening to that racket for nearly three hours was giving me brain damage. All in all I really enjoyed it, though. Thank you National Theatre for broadcasting all those fine performances for free, during the lockdown.
The LUMINARIES finally ended. Not my cup o' tea. I don't know why I stuck it out, but I tend to do that, with books and TV series that I really don't much like. I feel obliged, somehow. I had very little idea of what this saga was actually about, and I certainly wasn't inspired to investigate the original doorstop book. Quel Horreur!
I finished DARK as well. It was equally baffling to me, but at least it had visually interesting moments. Glad it's finished, anyway.

I was on the bus today; there were six passengers, and only two of us with masks on. Heaven help us.
Then, in ASDA, I sneezed into my mask, and this man gave me the Death Stare. I suppose he'd have preferred it if I squirted my geriatric C19 cooties all over him. Bah!