July 16th, 2020


Same Old Same Old...

Groan...It's hotting up, and I left it until afternoon to work out. Stoopid me. It was nice and cloudy most of the morning
As usual, my 'activity' this week has consisted mainly of watching stuff...A decent OTHELLO with Hugh Quarshie. Nice to see him in something less ludicrous than HOLBY CITY (Actually, I've come to love HC; it may actually be the most insane show on TV.)
I'm catching up with SUCCESSION, which everyone raves about. It's good, with plenty of bitchy laughs, but I don't see it as all THAT fantastic.
Also watched IT 2, which was very entertaining. A few good jump scares, and some cool hommages, especially THE THING one.
Hoping I can dispense with the compression baandages on my leg, tomorrow, at last.
R Next Door was on at me again, about how I shouldn't venture outdoors at all at my age, and being asthmatic. Give me a break.
Still moping about things I 'need' but can't afford before the next lockdown strikes...The exercise bike, a new sofa or sofabed, several 'odd jobs' I can't manage,due to height phobia, etc. Getting the flat properly cleaned, windows too, and trying to keep it that way. Bum.