July 14th, 2020


Spotted Dawg...

Saw the most impressive-looking pooch on the High Street. He was a short-haired Dachshund , with a strangely mottled, camo- like coat, and striking blue-grey eys like a Weimeraner. I'd never seen anything like it, but turns out he was a not-that-uncommon Dappled Dachshund. Delightful critter...
Watched the NT streaming of THE DEEP BLUE SEA, a corny old Terence Rattigan piece. Not much cop, except for the infalible Helen McCrory and
other  good thesps doing their best with it...They're doing AMADEUS next Thursday, though.
Also indulged my prurient curiosity and watched FILTHY RICH , a miniseries all about the depravities of Jeffrey Epstein. I was, of course, totally absorbed. All the abusing he managed was weird enough, but the whole existence of people as hugely rich as that  is jawdropping, the huge, lavish homes in various cities, the helicopter, his own feckin' island, on and on. yet it seems his main interest and occupation was manipulating and sexually enslaving vulnerable teenagers - when he could do virtually anything on earth. Crumbs, nowt so queer as folk.
Speaking of which, I went to ASDA  for some bits, and witnessed two altercations  involving 50-ish chav women; all very loud with much cussing and alarming  gesticulations. I wasn't sure what they were disputing, as I got well out of the way, in case it got physical, which in both cases seemed rather likely.
I think people are starting to stockpile again. I'm certainly buying extra essentials when I do my shops, as it  seems pretty certain  another lockdown is on the horizon.