July 10th, 2020

hello pity

Leg Still Frelled...

Well, it isn't really, but the nurse (who didn't come until noon...) thought she'd wrap it up for another week, just to be sure. Damn!
The stool collapsed under her, too, which was frightening  (and funny in retrospect-) but thank gods she wasn't hurt.
I have a headache again. I think my spine is disentagrating. My dowager's hump is gretting worse. Email from the sibling, who's also losing all her teeth. Must be bad genes, as we've both been quite fussy about our dental care, for all the good it's done. Went down to the High Street; nothing interesting there.
I'm watching the new UNSOLVED MYSTERIES, as I quite like that sort of rubbish. Nothing woo-woo yet, though. The latest PENNY DREADFUL is getting good, though, Mexican folklore, Nazis, etc.

Doodlediary: # floating heads Friday