July 8th, 2020


Toe Terror...

Oh groan...Didn't get up until eight ,again. It's been drizzly and I haven't yet bullied myself into going out. I'm so snuffly and sneezy and headachy, with nasty heartburn.
I really just want to escape into sleep again.

I'm having hypochondria fits about a splinter in my toe, too. Yesterday in the shower, I felt a sharp owie like I'd stepped on a tiny sliver of glass or cat litter crystal. It's really sore, but nothing is visible, except a bit of swelling. Wahhh! If you don't remove splinters, they can float around your bloodstream until they stab you in the heart!...Or so I've been told...
People have been startled by my haircut, I guess because it's been 'long' for ages. Fuck it. It's one thing in my life that feels good at the moment.

Later: I did go out despite the misty drizzle, to see if it would make me feel any better. No, it didn't . What a vile day.  Old C told me she'd found a baby bird and left it under the tree because she didn't know what to do. Neither do I, but I suspect it was better to leave it than move it. It will probably die anyway.
That made me more depressed.