July 5th, 2020


"Super Saturday"...

Christ, it's humid. Fortunately, it's overcast and breezy, but even that doesn't help much. The air is like, solid. Filthy! That may be good in a way, though. As fewer people might want to go out and get bladdered and infected in the newly open pubs. There were big queues outside all the haircut emporiums, though, so I gave that a miss. I've endured my thin, straggly locks growing out for this long, I can bear a few more days.
Collected the laundry, changed the sheets (extremely difficult for me. Often takes about half an hour.), and struggled through about 3/4 of my usual regime. The equipment still has 'Do not Use' signs, and looks grubby, you'd think they'd have given it a good spray for the grand re-opening...I didn't get any endorphin rush; just felt creaky and knackered. With luck I'll get back to 'normal' in a week or so. It's been years since I've gone this long without my lil' routine. Even operations and broken bones haven't  stopped me for more than two  months, tops.