June 26th, 2020

wtf cat

Anarchy In The UK...

These weird attacks, and violent clashes with the police seem to be burgeoning in the heat. Has the virus/lockdown stress just sent everyone loco? There was another bizarre knife rampage, this time in Glasgow, today; six wounded, and the assailant was killed. Nobody knows yet exactly what was going on. There have been several barneys with police over these mad street parties, and the beaches continue overcrowded. Insanity...
It's been cruelly hot and humid again, but there's a decent breeze whipping up this evening, and more rain, leading to relief this time, is promised for tomorrow.
The leg nurses were early, thank gods, so I went out for exercise and a visit to Coffee Lovers, before it really got lethal... They say if it's still all dry and everything next week, I probably won't need the bandages any more. That would be great.
The crows are all walking around with their beaks open now, which they do when it's really proper hot. Meh