June 9th, 2020


Weird Hair, Etc...

Started watching the new series I MAY DESTROY YOU , which looks very promising. I was quite astounded, though, by the protagonist Arabella's  coiffure. She's black, and sports straightened hair in a limp, shoulder-length bob. She shows an inch or so of dark roots, and the rest has been dyed a grungy greyish pink!. It was so cosmically lame, I couldn't take my eyes off it. It could arguably be the worst Bad Hair ever... (apart from my own grotesque Lockdown Growout!) That said, it really is an interesting drama. Check it out.
No nurse until 11:30, then a different one appeared, knew nothing about the B12 injection, and said I didn't have the right bandages, and she couldn't do my leg. WTF? So now I wait until Friday. Luckily the bandage from last time stayed on pretty well, and should hold out until Friday.
Went to the park, and then LIDL. Saw them boarding up the windows at Debenham's. Rather sad; it's a nice old building. It would be nice it it became an indoor market, with lots of arty stuff and food halls. Certainly hope it doesn't become more  bloody posh flats.
Had a dream about having to look after a demented Grandpa Simpson. He was just like the cartoon, wheras everyone else in the dream looked like normal people. I had to take Grandpa for walks up and down the corridors, and he'd keep trying to have sex with me. One of the other carers said he was always like that, and to just push him off. She smirked, as if pleased that I was stuck with him, and she wasn't.