June 8th, 2020


Worry, Worry...

I'm uneasy about all these big demos, all over the world. I mean, the protestors are in the right, of course, but it's so very dangerous, at this point. What with these huge gatherings, plus all the fools ignoring social distance out on the beaches, etc., it seems almost inevitable to me that a second, worse, wave is gonna zap us.
I'm going to take an unpopular stance against destroying statues of people who have been involved in dodgy dealings with POC, as well. It's trying to erase history, which should be acknowledged and learned from, and some of these monuments  also have artistic value. Personally,I think they should all be collected into sculpture parks like the Soviet stuff, with information about what these people actually did, and the attitudes of the times, etc.
Rang the dentist, but, as expected they're not opening  yet. They'll refer to to the hospital clinic if you're in agony, but otherwise, fergittit...
I'm feeling crazier all the time. Things seem scarier, not better, with the lockdown easing. Must snap out of it. Meh.