June 5th, 2020


Cooler, but I'm No Livelier...

I've been feeling too exhausted and  glum to keep a record of the last few tedious days. On the plus side, it's fresher, now, but there's still no damn rain to speak of, just  the odd spritz, and it's needed so badly.
Just had a nurse here to change the bloody leg bandages again. I appreciate it, but you have to sit in all day, virtually; you never know when they're coming. She says she sometimes has to do eight visits a day, although quite a few are giving people insulin shots, and pretty quick. It still must be a hard day for them, though.
The state of the world doesn't seem much better...in fact there's now that big oil spill in Russia to worry about. Jeez.
Not much on TV, except for streaming. Watched the first ep of the new CARDINAL  series, which was OK, and the end of KILLING EVE 3, also entertaining, but I do kinda think it's running out of steam.
Saw a film, EUROPA REPORT, which was a fairly involving sci-fi, but nothing special. Haven't watched the NT CORIOLANUS yet. I was watching some weird thing from the Schaubunne, last night.  that featured Otto Sander and Udo Samel, but Christ knows what was going on, and there were no subtitles,
so I didn't get that far with it.
I keep dreaming about giant people, over seven feet tall, lately. One looked like Sean Bean, and was amiable, another was a dead Mexican woman, who had risen as a zombie, and was well scary.
Sad news about cartoonist Noel Franklin, a Facebook friend who had struggled hard against various demons, and really seemed to be pretty sorted out, only, alas, to die in an apparent accident. much too young. Fuck that. It's just not right. R I P
Moon won't leave the keyboard alone. She's also walking back and forth, waving her tail in my face,now.  so enough grumbling for the moment.