May 18th, 2020


Stage Stuff Streaming...

Cripes, it's  getting too warm, now. Me no like. Still, it's OK in the park, early.
There really are a lot of  interesting stage productions  streaming on lockdown TV. Saw a  colourful African-garnished HAMLET with Paapa Essiedu,
and some cool percussion music. Christopher Ecclestone made a sturdy MACBETH, but the production wasn't all that exciting. The  youtube NT page also has that fascinating  Peter Hall 80's production  of THE ORESTIA, with the beautiful masks by Jocelyn Herbert.
The  famously cool Schabuhne is also running a load of  shows, some very old, some recentish with English subtitles, featuring some of those superduper German actors, including Udo Samel, and the rivetingly weird Lars Eidinger ( doing both Hamlet and Richard III).  That bloke is STRANGE; possibly the most creepily compelling thesp since Klaus Kinski.
I am soo longing for a pizza with loads of 'fungus', or fish & chips. Must resist...