May 14th, 2020


Musing On These Weird Days...

Still rather chilly and blowy, but lovely in the sun. Met R Next Door in the park. She says I should have been completely shut in all this time, and had these nonexistent  volunteers do my shopping. Yeah...I never even got that letter for old people, much less anything else. I've been thinking , though, how lucky (touch wood-) I've been in this lockdown. I don't know how these poor sods in dinky flats even smaller than mine have managed, with screaming toddlers and stuff, day and night, What hell that must be... Although I'm not always happy to be alone, the thought of ,say, my infuriating parents,the  psychologically abusive boyfriends, dismal flatsharers, etc, I've co-habited with down the years, banged up with me for weeks on end...too horrific to comtemplate, really.
While dirt poor, I don't have to worry about  scraping along on furlough money, to be followed by being 'encouraged' to get back on crowded public transport  and put my life on the line twice a day...The mind boggles.
Anyway, R  sprays herself and the dogs all over with diluted disinfectant before she goes out, then does it all again, on coming indoors; strips off, sprays her clothes and shoes, showers immediately, and  sprays the dogs again... I'm certainly pretty slack in comparison, although I think on the whole, I'm frit enough to be pretty 'good'.
Watched Tarkovsky's  THE SACRIFICE again, last night. I kept nodding out in the cinema when it first came out, and wondered it I'd get any more out of it now. 'Fraid not. I am a bear of little brain. I like some of his films, though, even though they're all spectacularly slow. STALKER , ANDREI RUBLEV and SOLARIS, yeh, they're good.