May 8th, 2020


Bank Holiday Commences...

I'm pleased that there isn't going to be a big 'patriotic' hooha for VE Day, due to the plague. Still, I can't help but feel sorry for all the old codgers who remember it, and who would have enjoyed the whole bunting and street parties kerfuffle.
We are very fortunate in this lockdown that the NT and other theatres have started broadcasting recordings of some of their top shows, free, on YouTube.
Last night's treat was ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA, and very good it was.  I was slightly disappointed in Sophie Okonedo, as she seemed pretty stagey and OTT at the start. (Well, she was 'projecting' for the gigantic Olivier auditorium, so  gotta make allowances... She improved as she warmed up, anyway.) Ralph Fiennes stole the show, though; a superb Antony, and the supporting players were all quite strong. Once again, there was a splendidly impressive set, this time from Hilderard Bechtler. Goodies coming up include Tom Hiddleston as Coriolanus and Gillian Anderson as Blanche DuBois. Kewl!
It's warm again, and starting to feel airless.  I'm afraid a lot of people, partially encouraged by asinine tabloid  headlines, are going to start ignoring the lockdown measures. There's already so much more traffic,and I've even heard some yoof noise at night, including motorbike vrooming. It must be very tempting for those who enjoy that sort of thing, especially with the good weather, but I really think it's dangerous, As for getting the working classes back on the tube and into their daily drudgery ASAP, to 'get  Britain working again' , even scarier. There's gonna be a huge economic depression anyway, Why must thousands more actually die rather than extend the cautions for a few weeks?