May 3rd, 2020


Sad And Sedentary...

TV watching thoughts... I think KILLING EVE, although still entertaining, has gone off the boil. Nice to see more screen time for the goddess Fiona Shaw, anyway,
Not sure either what's so great about NORMAL PEOPLE; teenage lurrve, who cares? May improve, though.
The new Scandi drama on BBC4, STATE OF HAPPINESS, didn't look very promising; drilling for oil in the North Sea, etc, but it it might be quite interesting. We'll see how it goes. Nice period detail, anyway.

More crow V magpie violence down in the park.. Wow, those critters are NASTY. I could watch 'em all day.
As the day went on, I got more and more depressed. It's pretty strange, this constant feeling bored and frightened at the same time. I thought I'd watch something really dumb to amuse myself. It was the 2019 remake of CHILD'S PLAY, which was so completely without merit of any sort that I felt even more meh. Ah well...