April 16th, 2020


Very Springy Indeed...

Bloke in the park commented I was looking 'very well', which I, of course, interpreted as getting fatter, thus having a fuller face! I'm hopeless.
I got cash from the wailing wall with my card, so I guess it's OK. I've had it refused several times, recently, though, and wonder if the machines could be 'overworked' or something.
Still thinking about possibly getting an exercise bike. If this lockdown goes on for months, and I think it should, really, rather than rushing into 'back to normal' mode with imprudent haste- I'll need it.
Watched DEVS, which is interestingly weird, but parhaps a bit too tecchie for my feeble old mind.
I also tried some SPOOKS, including the famous 'deep fat fryer death' episode. It's OK, but as I'd thought, not  riveting enough for me to stick it through a zillion seasons.

Things I miss most while Isolating:
-Sitting in cafes, scribbling, and gawking at the passing parade.
- Moching around museums, galleries, churches and shops.
-Just tooting about on buses.
-The outdoor gym!
-Socialising' with local cats & dogs.
-Going out as I please.