April 15th, 2020


Oh, What A Hot Mess Am I...

Well, this has been a fab day. I woke up to find that I'd lost a big hunk of front tooth again. 'Cletus' time again!...Gods know when I'll be able to get it sorted.
Oh well, I'm certainly not on display much at the moment!
After the park, I took a short walk to Cedars Rd. to get a few bits, and more fresh air. They wouldn't accept my card. Neither would Sainsbury's. So gotta find out what that's all about. I'm puking all the time, too. Buggeration.

Anne Boleyn  getting the chop in WOLF HALL was one of the most unnerving TV moments I've seen. Re-watching it still made me shudder. You didn't really see much, but the anticipation was 'orrible.
I may have a look at SPOOKS, which I never watched. Doubt if it's my kinda thing, but might as well check it out.