April 3rd, 2020


Gloomin' On...

They had another Clap for the Carers, etc. thing last night. I showed willing by opening the shades and standing at the window flailing a bit and clapping. (I don't want to risk opening any of the bloody windows, in case I can't shut them again, and it suddenly turns violently wet/windy/cold.) Heard a few people cheering, but didn't see many. To be frank, I think it's a bit inane. It doesn't give them the equipment they need so badly, or better wages, nor will it deter the kuntz I've seen abusing supermarket staff, bus drivers, etc.  Also, like many others, I'm sure,  the whole stunt just makes me think 'I'm mad as hell...'
Haven't been out so far. I woke up with the merest tickle of a sore throat (probably sleeping with my mouth open again-) and went into a whole 'Heaven take my soul, England keep my bones' riff, but feel perfectly OK now. Still, you just can't tell, can you?
I've run out of chocolate and must not buy any more. If it's there, I'll eat it, in my stressed and scared state.
That stuff about people over 75 not being admitted to hospital to be treated for covid , and/or being 'encouraged' to sign DNR forms certainly hasn't helped my mood. I have been doing some crap YouTube exercises, though, so I'm still making an effort. sort of.
I'm dreading this upcoming spate of warm weather, festering in this frowsy flat. Bah!
Wish I had an exercise bike, although there's nowhere to put one, really. Have to hand it to my old mother, she churned away on hers for HOURS every day, until she was over 90.