March 10th, 2020


Rappin' Romantic...

Weird  too-mild, but blustery  weather. I'm sure it affects the mind.
All of Italy now in lockdown. Now that is scary...
Went to see a screening of the NT CYRANO DE BERGERAC. I've always had a soft spot for it, and have seen  quite a few. I think Depardieu is still my favourite, but James McAvoy was very impressive, (I never realised what a wee man he is. His charisma is great, though.)
This version was  totally modern; slangy,sweary, with an emphasis on rap style. Again, I think I prefer ye olde, but for a change,  this was very stimulating. The energetic young cast kept things rollicking along nicely, and the soppy bits were often quite touching. Excellent.

Coming back indoors, I ran into R herding the dawgs into the lift. They jumped to say hello, but she swore at me for slowing them down, and getting in her way with my trolley. I think she's really flipped.