February 28th, 2020



No longer staggering to the loo all the time, thank gods, but I definitely have a cold., and feel grotty. Rain excused me from my park regime, but I still had to schlep back to Clapham Junction  for my prescriptions. At least they were there.
Another foul and demoralising day, needless to say.
Fell asleep in the last section of the FLESH AND BLOOD thriller on ITV, and now don't know how ---- got thrown/fell/jumped  off the balcony, and who the actual villain was, Bum.
Throughout the week  I re-watched ANGELS IN AMERICA. Yes, it's a bit pompous and overblown. but there's some pretty impressive stuff, there. I really love The Angel (Emma Thompson), and Meryl Streep made a weirdly convincing aged, male rabbi. Al Pacino was on best form, too.
This woman came around from the council, looking over the place, and I had to take my 'walker'  out of the landing. There's no place to put it, dammit.
I've got the heat on again, and it isn't really cold, but I've still got the shivers.