February 21st, 2020


Windy, Wet And Whiny...

Weatherwise, an irritating week, and weird, which I guess is the new normal.  Schlepping to the hospital at 7:30 AM  for physio was grim, but I do think it's worthwhile. Only three more weeks, anyway.

Typically bizarre and nasty news stories, too. Racist nutter kills nine peacefully sisha-puffing people in Germany. Knifeman attacks prayer leader in major London mosque (The victim, luckily, will recover.) etc.  For light relief, Trump proclaims it's preposterous for South Korean flick PARASITE  to go winning an Oscar... 'Bring Back GONE WITH THE WIND!'
BoJo couldn't be arsed to go and 'comfort' flood victims. There's a lot of fuss about it, but I dunno. It does seem disrespectful, but if I'd just had my home, and maybe business, ruined, the last thing I can imagine consoling me would be  Boris popping in to sputter a few platitudes in my direction... It's not like he's going to do anything to actually help them.
My nerves were rattled by having to catch Moon and get her to the vet for her renal check-up. Thank the gods, she's maintaining  well, at present, and that's done for a few months. There's still the problem of the teeth that should be extracted (£500 plus, and the insurance doesn't cover it-) R Next Door insists that animals' teeth should just be allowed to fall out naturally, and the operation and anaesthetic is likely to seriously damage her. I can't dismiss that entirely, as I've heard  others say similar stuff. Wish I could get another vet opinion that  I knew I could trust. I dunno what to do. Can't afford it, either, but don't want her to suffer from my neglect. She doesn't appear to be in discomfort, no problems eating, etc., but poor Amazy seemed perfectly fine, until she turned out to be at Death's Door...


OMG, June Brown, EASTENDERS' Dot Cotton, has quit at 93 because she hasn't been getting any decent storylines of late. Criminy!
Looking forward to tonight's big 'Who dies in the boat wreck?'  episode. There's only one person it can be, though...
Watched THE FAVOURITE, which as expected, was quite good, and JT LEROY, a biopic that makes an intriguing true yarn pretty dull. A  straight documentary would have been much better.