February 14th, 2020


Zolendronic Acid Infusion...

Moan... Yesterday's damp pilgrimage to Guy's lasted three and a half hours, including 45 minutes of sitting in my vest hooked up to a loose line, while the nurse went off to ask the consultant  a very basic question that should have been asked already.... I  was told that I might feel 'flu-like symptoms'  for a day or two, as people  (not me) often do after a flu jab.  Well, this time I reacted. I woke up at 6 AM, with my joints all hurty, limbs heavy, and just lay there thinking bad, sad thoughts until bloody 9:00.  I still feel like death on toast, but I'll try and get myself together to go to the shops, and maybe ever exercise, which I'm sure would help, if I could manage it. 
Finished watching the batshit-crazy NEW POPE. It really is pretty good.
I've been reading MY FAVOURITE THING IS MONSTERS just a few pages a day, because it's so cool, and the unbelievable artwork needs to be studied at length. Amazing. Emil Ferris is a flaming genius.

He looks like I feel...