February 3rd, 2020


Early Morning Physio...

Had to drag myself to the hospital for physio class at 8AM. What with cat-feeding, rush hour, etc, I had to get up about 6:30. Double plus ungood!
I'm quite tired from the exercises now, It started out so easy that I thought it wouldn't be worthwhile, but the stuff got harder, and I was glad the hour was up, in the end. Strange, when I broke my left wrist, they sent me to the local gym, where most of the routine was moderate whole-body bendy stretchy balancey stuff, and I got no treatment for the wrist, This is all wrist. They said I was surprisingly well recovered, at this point, with flexibility and strength, but it hurts like hell,now. I suppose that's positive, though. Unfortunately, it's pretty crowded, and they don't have much equipment, so there's waiting to be endured, too.
DOCTOR WHO was a bit scary last night, with those people growing weird scales, and then exploding. Yow!
Haven't watched the BBC4  docs on the Nude, yet, but they're going to have some televised life drawing classes, which should be good. I used to attend sessions at the poly down the road, when they had them, and it was quite enjoyable, plus helping me get bodily proportions a little more convincing.